Latest Update on Anna's Wild Yam Cream

Regrettably we now don‘t expect to have Anna's available for distribution again until 25th of October.

The delay is because the material for the increased wadding for under the cap, which will overcome the leaking problem, has been delayed.

We are hopeful this latest fix will finally solve the leakage problem and allow us to get back into our previous reliable supply pattern.

This sequence of events has been most embarrassing and costly for us, and we are very conscious of the consequences it has imposed on our clients, for which you have our sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused.

Our Distributors and Practitioners will have Anna's as soon as the cream is available, and for those who prefer ordering online we‘ll be taking the block off our web order form a week before we can send your Anna's to you so we can process your orders without any further delay.

Again, our apologies for your inconvenience, and our very best wishes to all of our faithful clients.

Max & Carol Hamilton
Anna's Farm

Australian Customers
Please check with your local health food store.


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We expect stock to be available again late-October 2018.