The Mevalonate Pathway


Ubiquinone is the genuine naturally produced form of Coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 is a powerhouse compound that's in nearly every cell of our body. Its health benefits are many, primarily known for its value in maintaining our most important muscle the heart, it also converts nutrients into energy, and is sometimes described as the 'sparkplug' in each of our cells, is also an indispensable antioxidant. Ubiquinone also assists the immune system, digestive system, hearing, vision, nervous system, metabolism, respiratory system, and skin.


Dolichols 'The 'Unknowns': Very little is commonly known about Dolichols, and the highly important roles they play.
Dolichols are responsible for the processing of Proteins. Those magic particles so important to our function and destiny are synthesized within each of our cells.
It is within this microscopic structure that amino acids are linked together into popcorn string-like peptides. Some peptides will ultimately serve for cell identification, others produce insulin because our blood sugar is rising.
The final role depends on the protein structure - Just using proteins can give hundreds of options but the addition of these sugars to the protein strand gives tens of thousands of structural options.
It is this almost unlimited range of options that gives humans our tremendous range of behavioural and emotional reactions. This process too, is orchestrated by Dolichols in its preparation of the final protein structure.
The Dolichol-mediated process is also involved in neuropeptides formation; they are neuronal signalling molecules that influence the activity of the brain in specific ways and for cell communication, cell identification and immune functions.
This complex role is such that almost anything can be expected when Dolichols are deficient. Altered emotional and behavioural reactions are likely explained by altered neuropeptides formation.


Squalene is found throughout nature and is a major component of human skin surface lipids. Squalene accumulates at the greatest concentrations in the skin where it plays a vital role in quenching free radical oxygen, preventing oxidative damage from ultraviolet light. Squalene is also beneficial as an antioxidant, but its most unique feature is the presence of alkylglycerols - chemical compounds found in human bone marrow and breast milk, which help regenerate the immune system.
Regenerating the immune system is more than just stimulating it into action; the regenerative action means ongoing support to enhance the overall strength of the immune system long term.
We all appreciate the fact our immune system is our Natural Healer and we seek to boost it as often as possible, however being able to regenerate our immune system is even more desirable.
The activity of alkylglycerols in the body has been studied for decades, and their action is associated with increased production red and white blood cells; the white being the body's main defence against disease and infection.
The dual benefit of increasing blood cells and regenerating the immune system are perhaps the reasons that Squalene seems to be so useful for so many people around the world for maintaining all-over health and wellbeing.
And finally at the end of the Mevalonate pathway where approximately 10% of Squalene is converted into cholesterol.