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From our launch in early 1997 we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with many of the women who have used our cream, and who are happy with the results they have achieved, many of them quite remarkable, and mostly in areas where we are unable to make any claims.

We have numerous testimonials on a wide range of these results, so in this feedback section we will quote from a cross section to give you an idea of the results women have experienced.

The most common responses are: "I feel like a woman again". "I haven't felt this good in years". And even from the men commenting on their wives "Thank you, I now have my bride back", and from both "We are now enjoying a closeness not experienced in a long time".

Our very first testimonial and the cause celebre' for Anna's was the remarkable recovery of Carol from her life threatening situation (see 'About Anna' page), that in itself remains unique and led us to challenge the widely held and erroneous belief that yam creams were only Oestrogenic in their action! As you will see there are many other exceptional experiences that have emerged from the use of our very special cream.

Here are but a few;
Ros I. - Email.
I love your cream! It has calmed down my PMT to the point where Iím almost bearable in the last week of the month! (Iím not the only one in the house that loves your cream!)
Cynthia C. - Email.
Wow! After twenty five years, three months in a row with no pmt-induced inappropriate crying fit. Customer for life, here.
Ann P. - Email.
I have used your wild yam cream now for two months. I have always had problems with nervousness and my skin never cleared up. When I became pre menopausal I Looked for something natural to take so I tried your cream. It has helped me tremendously, my skin is so much clearer now. Your cream is truly a blessing.
Leanne S. - Email.
Hi There I have been applying the cream for almost 12 months now after the IUD was taken out. I only had the IUD for 12 months to prevent extremely heavy periods. The device made me feel bloated and lethargic (along with a multitude of other symptoms). I felt quite desperate at this stage and having a hysterectomy was not an option for me (advised by the Specialist). I started to apply the cream a few weeks after having the IUD taken out and I have never looked back! My cycle is regular, no heavy bleeding and Iím a much calmer person. Thank you so much.
Roz B. - Email.
Iím glad that others have found the same results as I have by using this cream. My Doctor told me I was heading for a hysterectomy and my symptoms were getting worse every month. I happened to come across your product in a health food shop and bought it to try. Iíve tried cheaper versions, but I have become dependant on Annaís because I know it works and I donít want to waste time trying anything else.
My niece is now using it and her life has changed completely because she now has a normal cycle. Like clockwork. I feel sorry for anyone who hasnít heard of wild yam cream or doesnít want to believe it works.

Patricia E. - Sydney
"I have a low lying placenta and have been admitted to hospital approximately eight times with bleeding over an eight week period, I also suffered from severe back and abdominal pains which have lasted for some fourteen months (since the birth of our first child)".
"You will be delighted to know that I have been free of all pain in the back and abdomen and that the bleeding has settled down after one week of using Anna's Wild Yam Cream. I have also noticed that the Wild Yam Cream seems to bring about a very calming effect, regardless of any situation".
"I highly recommend to everyone to experience the benefits of Anna's Wild Yam Cream for themselves. Thank you so very much for producing such a remarkable and wonderful product".

Diane P. - New Zealand
"I bought a jar of Anna's Wild Yam Cream in a Health Food shop in Coolum while I was holidaying there. What a wonderful product! I was having hot flushes and have a fibrocystic breast - its all gone!!
Beverley B. - Queensland
"Wild Yam Cream was suggested by my Doctor. Never have I used such a great product. My hot flushes have disappeared and I feel much better in myself. This Yam Cream has saved my life, fat and depressed, low in progesterone, utterably miserable. Now lost weight back in life again. Thank you Anna for this fabulous product".
Wendy F - Tasmania
"For the past 2 to 3 years I have had great success with your Wild Yam Cream - I have suffered for many years (since late teen years to my 40's) with extreme pain in my ovaries and breasts, hormonal of course, and I could never find a solution. This is a wonderful cream - there are various products around but none are of the quality of your product".
Margo B. - Wagga NSW
"Hello Carol, I had my bone density last week and am up 8% in two years - my specialist says it is excellent. I went from 58.3% to 66.8%. God bless".
Janice T. - Queensland
"I have just completed (another) jar and found it absolutely wonderful. I could feel the benefits within only a few days. Please don't alter the ingredients you use, your cream is by far the best there is. I started to use your cream for fibroids, and have enjoyed many other benefits as well".
Annemarie B - Victoria
"At last I have found a product that so far has made me feel a lot better and my hot flushes have disappeared. I wish I knew about this cream a year ago. Anyway I do know now".
Jeannie C. - Email
"I have found the yam cream useful in preventing acne and facial hair, even in the two months I have been on it. But most of all I feel more alert and able to think more clearly since I have been taking it.
Leoni M. - Email
I have been using the wild yam cream for about three weeks (recommended by my sister). I have been feeling great (from about five days after first using it).
Can you tell me what it is actually doing? I am 35 and have started to feel really vibrant and focused on my life. I'm not sure this is partly psychological (because I have heard a lot of good things about it) or whether I am now receiving what I was missing into my body.
Anyway, I absolutely love it
Many thanks,"

Tony & Jane L. - Tasmania
"Hi Max & Carol,
We are still coming to terms with Jane being pregnant. We are quite dumbfounded. We thought we'd tell you our story.
We are both in our early 40s, been married 18 years and in all that time Jane has had severe endometriosis and has seen a number of doctors and surgeons over the years. Last year Jane had a curette and was told she had a post menopausal thin uterus and would never fall pregnant. Jane had a lot of bleeding from the thin brittle uterus that the doctors couldn't stop. A good friend suggested your Yam cream. We thought it would help the endometriosis but had no idea it would help her uterus as well.
Within 2 days of starting (in January) the bleeding had stopped and that month was the first time ever Jane had had a normal period in her whole life, one without any pain. She was 9 1/2 stone and after 4 months of being on the cream dropped back to her ideal weight of 8 1/2 stone. Then in July, after just 6 or so months of being on the yam cream she fell pregnant!
When we were visiting the doctor to confirm the test results we asked about her post menopausal uterus and how she would go carrying a baby with it being in that state. The doctor replied that it is physically impossible to fall pregnant with a uterus in that condition so the yam cream had obviously totally reversed and healed her uterus. The doctor was in total amazement at Jane being pregnant as was a second doctor we spoke to.
So even after 2 months we are still coming to terms with the idea of having a baby after having such a history.
Thanks again for your reply and work you have put into helping people.
Kind regards,"

And when we requested approval to use their Testimonial, the following was their reply.

"Hi again,
Please feel free to use our testimony. I only wish I had known about it years ago, it would certainly have saved me a lot of agony & certainly a lot of experimenting from doctors. We had our first anti natal visit today & the midwives were in amazement & both wrote down the details for future reference. The lady who took my blood this morning was also amazed & she was rapped as her sister has been through IVF & told can't have babies because of the Endometriosis, so she is making sure her sister gets onto it.
We make sure they know that it is the Anna's wild yam as a few have told us they have tried yam cream & tablets years ago but they didn't help. We have told them what the difference with Anna's cream in comparison to the others, especially the tablets & they have all said they will try the Anna's WYC.
We would like to thank you again and yes, please use our testimony.
Kind regards,"

We were thrilled to hear from Tony that Jane gave birth to a healthy handsome baby boy on April 20th 2009; both are doing well.